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"Jacob has always been a kid who loves new things, but I have been so happy for

him to find his major LOVE of science through your class and

offerings. He is constantly talking about science now and he turns

everything into a science experiment. And Monday nights were a piece

of cake to get him to go to bed. He would always say, " I better get

to bed now because I want to be really rested for Ms. Tammy's class

tomorrow" I am so thankful for you and all that you have done to

encourage Jacob."- Carrie  

"Dear Miss Tammy,Thanks for teaching me to explode stuff! I've had so much fun in your class. - Love Bree"

 “We are so thankful and blessed… Riley has enjoyed your class and we appreciate everything you do to make the class so fun, exciting, and a wonderful place to learn new things!”- The Whites 

“What a perfect name for the class-there was so much fun every class! Helena really looked forward to Fridays. We treasure all the beautiful art work…and she was always excited about all your surprises (like the Teddy Bear Ice Cream).We had a wonderful year!”- The Kotniks 

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